Path of spirituality? ~Love



Blowing wind, why challenge me to find the strength within, of which I am unaware?
As I walk the path of no paths, there is a voice within which guides me. It is foreign yet it is not. It is there unmoved and strong, yet we can’t communicate.
Within this pollution of noise, it tends to get lost from time to time but right before I make a decision it reappears. The more I listen to it, stronger it gets. Maybe it is me who is getting stronger to be able to hear it.
This so called WILL; which makes me vulnerable to my desires, is what love is all about. The choice to love is given by my beloved as it contains both my weakness and strength.
It gives me ecstasy as it pulls me away from this maze of illusion, for it is my heaven. When I return I am left bewildered with the concept of reality. There is but one truth and I am in love with it.

Fill my desires with your temptations,
Allow me to be one with you.
Free me, my beloved, of this agony
As there is nothing, there is nothing but you.
I seek no more of these illusions, for I am tired
Tease me not with patience for I burn in desire.
Do you not see my longing?
Worthy am I not?
Rescue me from this illusion, oh beloved
for I am nothing but love.
Gift of love through which WILL was born
I choice to relinquish it within you
There is nothing left of me to collect
As you are my strength and my reality…


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