Stone to a Stone


Stone I was till the day I was offshore,
Sat alone, proud, strong and arrogant,
Unaware of the realm beyond from which I dwell,
Touched not any sorrow which came my way,
Earthly lava from which you were born,
How can you be soo green and lively?
Ignited this ambition, why did you?…
Why extend the roots of comfort around me?
From each drop of dew, life you put in me,
Penetrated the hardest of my shell,
Weakened me from your naïve love,
To be taken away in a blink of a storm?
The scars you left have no bonds,
Survive that I shall, Incomplete shall I be…


Life and Time



This is something I  jotted down when I was sleep deprived. 


Concept of life is soo vast that sometimes it goes beyond ones understanding. Why, I may ask this happens? Are we too small to understand it or is it because we are life itself? I dono, lets debate over it and come to a conclusion… Life is beautiful only when one learns to live! I should say relearn because our subconscious knows of it from the beginning but hasn’t been tapped into or recalled yet.

Like many others, who claim that we learn by traveling or we learn through our experiences; I would say I agree but disagree. Does our experiences really teach us this or we just recall what we had forgotten?

For now, my mind has evolved yet another theory, I say now because it keeps on reanalyzing with respect to the evolution of my intellect.

Time is life itself, but we are not life, the so called entity. As for now I will try to keep on track and just analyze life itself.

It is a subconscious state within which we reside, within which we connect, bond, fight, eat, love,and explore. We wonder if we are caged by the momentum of the things happening around us or we may call it the effects of our surrounding. Are we original or are we just the star dust of some original being’s subconscious, which has formed itself into a seed of reality? In order to further understand this question, I choose to break it down into two parts, one physical and one Meta physical. Why do I do that? Is it because our religion says we have a soul? Well, I am not saying I am not spiritual but for now I would like to keep this discussion on mere logic.

As I was saying, if we are to be considered even  apart of the complete subconscious, then we must have a part of its entity. So basically we are two forms? I wouldn’t say two forms, but I would rather phrase it as skin. Yes, we need a physical form, skin, to keep intact with physical world; the one, which stays within this time frame and the other one which moves ahead with the flow of thesubconscious. But as long as we live, we are one! Meaning, together simultaneously we are entity of the subconscious and the time, which is life. So that makes us extract from within the ultimate subconscious, which makes us impure and diluted? Maybe…

How can something be part of pure substance at the same time be diluted? Well, the problem with our brain is that we only see things in pairs; we can’t imagine anything in singular form. Why do we do that? Well,for starters, we are made in pairs, in fact everything in this universe has an opposite pair. If we see, even matter is paired with anti-matter! Well, what I am trying to say is that we are possess the entity of subconscious, which is the reflection of subconscious and the manifestation of those collective entities of subconscious is what we perceive as time. Thus, reality has always been relative and will continue to be so.

But there is a way to clear your consciousness and tap into that taboo zone of subconscious state of mind,which no doubt will be fruit full; where everything is possible! In this state, there is not past or future, but only present.

Going back to our first question, are we caged? With respect to the butterfly effect we are, but we choose to make the decision every trillionth of a second, which leads to new realm of possibilities, so in that manner all the possible possibilities exist before we make it. Does it make us depended on the possible choices from within these possibilities? Well the funny thing about this is that the ultimate subconsciousis is the creator of these possible possibilities and the entity plus time, us, are making these choices which is the considered to be our will. It maybe be possible to jump dimension of these possible possibilities within the range of time but as for now we shall not discuss it.

Moving forward, once the state of the reflection of subconscious is stable then our reality is attained and life is manifested. Within it we are to be in harmony, perfect synchronization. And as we get deeper and deeper into our subconscious state, we are to attain a state of peace, agelessness, where time becomes infinite and ceases to exist. What if this is just a pit stop? Well, then it a beautiful pit stop, which our subconscious has manifested to keep us entertained; where we are just waiting to be released into the agelessness…

But what would one do when one is in a state where he can create everything and anything that he desires and which comes to his mind, keeping in mind that it is in complete form in each aspect including knowledge? What will doing anything make it worthy?

Then all the sudden comes in life, telling me “ wasn’t I part of the discussion”? Indeed, life is the key. Why?  Life is soo closely linked with love, which is the main purpose of all these manifestations.

Love…. After trying to understand it with a lot of hardship, which I still fully don’t understand, I think it is  sacrificing by choice. Which is controversial in nature but as I said before I am still looking into it! 🙂

Any ways, so this is our conclusion:

I am lost within myself because I am the universe which I created, but only to find out that I , myself, am a mere reflection of the ultimate subconscious, which in a reflection of higher subconscious and it goes into an infinite loop, but it then becomes simplified as everything being ONE!

But should this make one depressed? Oh… we are nothing… we are going to die!!? Well on the bright side, this whole thing was created out of love and we can create our own universe, so start meditating and tap into your subconscious and aslo as the first paragraph states learn to live! I mean relearn to LIVE! Explore and TRAVEL!

iyi günler